ON DECEMBER 3, 2003 AT 12:12 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

My Gift of human life is above and beyond the greatness it is understood to be.  Human life I am a Portion of, and I have instilled in it the Gifts that nothing else created is the custodian of; or the custodian of, first of all, the ability, the mentality to understand My Existence, My Love for human man.

There are so many Stories that could be put into script regarding My Full Relationship with human life, but I do not speak about it in the degree that I Will to be one day understood, regarding the importance of how a human being thinks, how they act, and the Goal that I have designed for them to reach, a Goal to be far closer to Me than the human way allows them to be.

My Love for this Creation of Mine is Far Greater, because I have instilled in it many things I am capable of doing, thus aiding them to see, to understand that only human life has these innate responsibilities that nothing else created has the full concept of participating in.

Granted, all living matter or things, I have allowed to possess ways and means for them to live in what I created them to be part of, thus giving to human life more than an empty world that would not have different forms of matter or things.  Many of these things are aids to the human life’s needs, but they do not have a Soul like the human life is gifted with.

As I close My Words at this time, I want My final Words here to be understood.  All different forms of life I have created have a purpose, and are for human life to more fully understand facets of living matter and things that give to human life, in some ways, beneficial gifts due to their presence, or the purpose to help human life be nourished physically, mentally, psychologically; and also, all things created have a purpose that is not always understood, but nonetheless, I created it for a reason that one day will be understood when I decide the time to be.  It could be only when the Soul is returned to Me, because the Soul is a Portion of Me, thus giving the Soul a Gift of more understanding than the human life would be able to cope with.

I love My Gift of human life in more ways than it is known to be.  I could put a list that would be endless, too much for anyone to read.

As I close My time now, only through My Words, I bless all who read Them and desire to improve their physical way of life, their mental, to seek purity, morality, and love for The Divine.”

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