ON DECEMBER 10, 2003 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  As I speak, I smile at this little one’s concern, because it is so in-depth in meaning, love, and the willingness to do things as I Will the time, place, or those present, to be.

The world is a world with many different understandings by those who live as human beings.  Human life is gifted with a mentality and with the freedom to speak, to understand, and to choose what directions they feel will be beneficial to what they have the responsibility to accomplish, whether it be materialistic, or humanistic, or Spiritual.

I smile at These Words, because in many ways They describe human thinking and feasibility to how they live and in how they sense things to be practical, justifiable, and pleasing to Me.

As I close My Words, I know I speak differently than I am expected to speak, but do not forget, I created human life with many facets of abilities to act, walk, work, and use what they recognized as proper for the moment, the time, the situation.

As I close My Words, I smile, because human life is Special to Me, and gifted with so many things for it to be able to choose what is pleasing to the individual, each day of their living the human way.”

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