ON DECEMBER 15, 2003 AT 12:42 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given the world of human life a Blessing far greater than It is known to be, understood to be, because of My Love for this Creation of Mine was created because of My Love, My Desire to share All I Am, All I Have, with others that would appreciate the Beauty of All I have created.

I know it is difficult for many, even thousands of human beings to fully understand that I do Exist, and that I am ever in the presence of man.  I am constantly present every moment of every day.  That is why I have given so much for human beings of all ages to think about, and to remember that I have created a Goal for human life, different than the human way understands it to be, but the Goal is to return a Portion of them Where I Am, to Me.

Much has been spoken on this subject of late, because for a very long time, when the subject was discussed, it was thought to be the imagination of the human mentality.  Not so!

It is My Direct Love, Communication, and Hope that All the Souls that I have instilled into human beings of all backgrounds of life, will be returned to Me, representing the ones in whom They were placed at the moment of their conception; but, when the Soul is returned to Me, it will be a day and a Forever Love of Mine that will be with Them.  This, I promise you, is My Will for My Creation and Design of human life.”

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