ON JANUARY 2, 2004 AT 3:07 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Today as I speak, it is with Love and Concern that I speak.  This Gift I have given to the world is far greater in every aspect of It than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

Each time I speak, My Purpose is to allow human beings to more indepthly understand My Closeness to human life, as well as My Will to create human life to be returned to Me and become what is called ‘a Saint’.  It is innate in human life to want to reach goals of high levels.  I have given this to human life as a foundation, a basis for their understanding that the Highest Goal is to return to Me and be permitted to be called ‘a Saint’.

All the human disappointments, disagreements and physical problems should be handled with dignity, because in human life there are many challenges, thus giving to life strength, deeper understanding, and also the abilities to cope with imperfections that can cause great danger to Souls.

It is difficult for some to believe or to accept that every human being born is the custodian of a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, and My Love for this Creation of Mine in which I have instilled an innate understanding of respect of basic abilities, necessary to live in the way of man, but also to prepare themselves to return to Where I Am.

My Love for human life, though difficult to understand by the human mentality, is basically and innately obvious, due to how I allowed a Portion of Myself, called ‘The Son of God’, to live a human way in the human form and be The Victim of so much wrong.

What I could speak on this subject would be endless.  That is why I have given to the world one voice to repeat What I Willed others to know.  As I once was upon the earth in a different form, I come now as ‘a Voice’ through one small body who realizes and recognizes that I stand in Truth and Divine Love, instructing openly the Importance of human life and that within it there is a Portion of What I Am, called ‘the Soul’.

As I close My Words, the child cries for fear All I Will to be delivered will not be seen in the Purpose I delivered It, because My Love for human life is Greater than the human mind can perceive It to be. The little one cries for fear that All I speak does not travel far enough, because of so many Souls that await the ones in whom They are, to more fully understand that My Creation of human life has a Goal to return to Who I Am, Where I Am.”

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