ON JANUARY 3, 2004 AT 11:56 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  There are Many Saints present with Me as I speak.  My next Words to you who will read Them, and hopefully will see in Them My In-depth Understanding of human life, Care for it, and what I Will human life to do, and that is to remember that they have a Portion of Me that will one day want to be returned to Me, Forever and ever and ever.

As I speak so many times, and have for a very long time spoken through this one small voice, Words that others do not hear until I speak Them and request Them to be put into script, I put What I Will them to know, What I Will to aid them morally, mentally, spiritually, so they will always be able to follow the Gifts that I give for them personally, and of course, for the benefit of their Souls that are Portions of Me, Who I Am, What I Am, to one day spend Eternity with Me, bearing the name in whom They were placed at another time.

So much in human life was and is designed for more than it is thought to be:  all the sensitivities of human life, all the necessities of human life, for the body and the mentality, designed by Me, beyond what the human mind can perceive My In-depth Love for this way of life, plus allowing a Portion of It to be returned to Me at a given time.

It is sad when I see so little understanding of the privilege of human life.  I have instilled so many facets of abilities, also courage, Faith in what is morally sound, correct and pleasing to Me.  No human is born without this, because I have instilled the Foundation for the Soul to be returned to Me.

So much blame is caused on individuals’ intentions, personalities and goals.  This is practical, logical, but it oftentimes follows a path of impurities, overlooking the beauty of this Gift of being able to choose My Way or the enemy’s way.  There can be no excuses logically made to choose impurities, indignities, or a lack of understanding that in human life is indelibly instilled, but often ignored, due to an individual’s mood or mode of thinking, and choice in how they respond to conditions, situations, daily practices and goals.

I will close These Words at this time, but as I do, I remind all who read Them:  In the Creation of human life, My Love for this creation instilled many talents, abilities, understanding, that nothing else created has, and also, the knowledge of My True Existence, constantly available to hear what they have to say, and to give aid when they pray to Me or to My Saints Here in the Heavens.  No prayer is ever unanswered, but sometime the answer is misused or ignored, based on the individual’s condition of thinking with All I deliver through This Gift of My Divine Love.

I give a Blessing for strength to more fully understand I truly Exist, and that all human lives created are in My Divine Plan.”

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