ON JANUARY 5, 2004 AT 11:56 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The little one is going through another ‘Preparation’, due to the fact that more men, women and children need This Gift of My Divine Love to awaken their mentalities to My Existence, and that in My Existence I control All things.

I have given to human life a degree of freedom, allowing them to be able to choose, so they would not feel like they were constantly bound by a Force that would not allow them to move unless the Force permitted it.  No human life is a prisoner to Me.  Because of this, I implanted in each human life created, ‘a Soul’.  The Soul is the recipient of all an individual thinks, speaks, acts on, with, for.

I have spoken These Words today to remind human beings of all ages, they are not prisoners of My Love, due to the fact that in the will, and the ability to speak, to hear, and to understand so much necessary to live the human life, automatically should tell all human beings of My Justice, My Consideration, and My Divine Love.

I will close My Words, because They are in many ways such a Responsibility to the one I use, always fearful that she will make a mistake.  She has not, and I want her to believe My Words, as she believes All Things I say.”

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