ON JANUARY 8, 2004 AT 11:55 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The word ‘sin’ is to many individuals, of all ages, something that someone else commits against what is purity, or truth, or logic.  This word speaks many things.  It announces that something has an impurity in it, a disregard for a situation that is acted out, portrayed, or spoken.

At the time My Son walked the earth, His Name was ‘Jesus’.  He constantly instructed the difference between what was pure in thought, word, deed and actions, against all the things that caused these things to be impure in some form, some manner, some purpose, some meaning.  At this time, throughout the world very few thoughts in the human way are regarded as sinful, even when they are diabolical and impure in every portion of what they stand for.

A long time ago, it was said through This Gift of My Divine Love, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Very few hearing the Words or reading the Words, felt it meant them, so they dismissed the Statement and went on doing what they wanted, and how they wanted human life to be, thus ignoring the temptations that led them to several, if not many impure acts, thoughts, words and deeds.

Granted, in the human mind there is the privilege to make decisions on one’s own understanding of what they want to practice, be seen for, or how they respond to other human beings, many times not looking at the full picture, or the meaning, or what will result due to their actions, their words.

I have given to the world what mankind would call ‘an unusual Gift of My Divine Love’, speaking through one small voice, through one small individual, who is in many ways quiet in manner, decisions.

What is spoken by Myself, and Others Here in the Heavens with Me, is to awaken the mentalities to listen and to relate in their mannerisms, their thoughts, their way of life, to how they are responding to daily living, how they partake in association with other human beings.  Basically, I must say, ‘Would they want Me to be present in everything they think, say and do, or would they instinctively feel that there were some impurities that they were a part of?’

I am always present through a Portion of human lives they cannot see, feel, but in My Creation of human life, I placed and still place a Portion indescribable to the human being, but I am present in a manner, way, and degree inconceivable to mentalities; but, the Fact that I Announced a long time ago, that within each human life I placed and I place yet, a Soul, the Soul is the Connecting Link of My Divine Love for the human Gift that is never seen, and that is the Soul that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

I could speak endlessly on this subject because of the importance of it:  the fact that human life knows purity from impurity, love from hate, justice from injustice.  This list is endless in what a human being not only consists of, but is aware of.

I close My Words now, but for those who read Them, I beseech you, remember:  as I am a Portion of you, you are a Portion of Me, in a manner, way and degree, because one day I want your Soul to return to Me, and for Me to be able to call It ‘My Saint’.”

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