ON JANUARY 9, 2004 AT 8:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I designed the ‘necessity for timing’ in the lives of all human life, but also, in all that I created that would be subject to My Timing according to what I knew would be the best, or present the best order to things, because in My Creation of human life and all other living things, timing was and is a very important facet, due to the fact that time, in the order, helps the order to be accomplished according to My Will, for the purpose I intended things to be accomplished, practiced, and arrived at.

Though it is difficult for thousands of human beings to believe, to accept that I speak through one body, one mind, does not mean they are right.  It is natural for them to think it cannot, it could not be; but nonetheless, I have appointed This to occur, to spread My Existence and My Love for this Creation of Mine.  For Me to have put thousands in the same category would not have been advisable.  I need ‘only one’ to spread to others, allowing others to value the Value of What I speak, and to see This Time as a Gift of My Divine Love for human life.

In this creation that I care so much about, I placed a Portion of Myself, not able to be seen, but obviously present through many ways that announce openly that a human life has been given a Purpose, a Reason, a Goal that is Special to Me, even though they do not see with their eyes, My Presence as their Soul.

Each time I speak, I use Words understandable so there can be no misconception to those who hear Them or those who read Them, because logic openly speaks, ‘No one would speak as I speak.’

As I close My Words, I say, ‘I bless those who ask for My Blessing, even though they do not see It, or feel It.’ I am constantly aware of all things.”

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