ON JANUARY 21, 2004 AT 11:57 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  It is with sadness the Words I am about to speak.

There is so little understanding regarding the Importance of human life and the Reason for which I created it.  So much is taken for granted, using only a human perception of the reasonabilities of My Existence, and I Being The Creator of All there is.

Sound Faith in there being a Divine Entity is not as prevalent as it appears to be.  So many human beings ignore the History behind All that has been created, All Who created it, and the Goal for the human way of life that awaits the Souls that are a Portion of Me.

Humanism is, in many ways, diabolical in understanding the Basic Truths of the Creation of All Things.

I could speak volumes at this time on many facets of living matter and things, plus My Creation of human lives, thus giving to human lives a Touch, a Portion unseen, but with the Power of instilling in human life many facets of being able to do things that nothing else created is capable of.

I speak through one small voice at this time.  I do not use loudspeakers for millions to hear My Words, but What I request to be put into script, I use for the mentalities of human beings to more fully, more indepthly understand.  If I just spoke in conversation, It would not remain to be read.  That is why I have now given to the world the request for My Words to be put into print, because of the importance of Them and reasonabilities of Them to help millions of all backgrounds, all ages of life, to more fully understand, more indepthly perceive what a great Gift human life is, and that it has a Goal that nothing else created is the recipient of.

I close These Words at this time, for I could speak hours and hours and hours, instructing thousands of men, women and children on the importance of every moment of every day of their life.

As I created human life, I did it out of My Desire to give a Place, a Goal for the Soul that I placed within each human being, because in Who I Am, What I Am, it was done to give, to share My Love that nothing else can be compared to.

As I leave, I bless those who believe These Words, and I use the following Words in the Blessing:

In My Name as The Creator, The Father, The Giver of Hope, of Life; then I say, ‘I touch My Heart in respect for that Other Portion of What I Am, My Deep Love for womanhood, that in many ways is not seen in the same perception, conception of man’; and then, as I cross the shoulders from the left to the right, I call on The Spirit of My Way of Life, to be in each creation of human life.

I could speak hours on end, but I have opened hopefully, the mentalities with These Words I have just spoken, to better understand, to more fully become aware, that every human being created is My Gift to human life, and Part of My Divine Plan.”

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