ON JANUARY 26, 2004 AT 11:53 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Each time the little one I chose for such a Major Task is aware of My Physical Presence to her, she asks Me, ‘Are You going to speak?’

All of The Saints are happy with This Gift of The Father’s Love, because through It, there are so many men, women, and even children becoming more aware of the Purpose of their having a Soul, but most of all, that they have the privilege, the honor, to speak directly to The Creator, whether it be personal or in a manner of prayer.

There are thousands of all ages that need this understanding brought to their attention, because most who pray feel that there is a distance between themselves and to Whom they are praying.  All of Heaven is more aware of every human being, also all ages of human life that have the understanding to be able to speak to The Divine.

Of late, there is so little effort on most men, women and children throughout the world, not ignoring prayer, but using it in a lesser manner because of so much that they are involved in physically, verbally and mentally.

Needless to say, hours could be spoken on this subject, speaking regarding every degree that it is used in all ages and mentalities that are aware of the privilege of prayer.

I speak differently, I know, but with so much I would like to discuss at this time, speaking more indepthly on so many subjects that all human life has the privilege to speak with, and to use as a strength to their daily manner of life, it would take a multiple degree of hours to speak for all denominations of mentalities, backgrounds, and abilities regarding Spiritual Closeness to The Divine.

I will close at this time, because there is so much that I, and Many Others Here with Me, want those who are yet in the living state to more indepthly understand:  that they are never alone, no matter where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing physically.

As I close My time here now, I have asked The Father if I could speak again on this subject.  He says: ‘Yes, My Saint, any time.  Just call Me and We will set the time most feasible for all concerned.’”

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