ON JANUARY 26, 2004 AT 12:45 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  You must understand the importance of your communication through prayer, with Me and All The Saints Here in the Heavens.

Prayer has an importance in it, with it, for it, because in prayer, it is what I have requested human life to use; this way, being assured that what an individual wanted to speak about, be heard by Me.  It would have a definite series of words that ordinary conversation would not consist of.

As I speak at this time, I would like to emphasize that as you live in the human way, is it not so, that you want respect from others, and you want your communication to have some value to it, and of course, dignity in it?  In the communication of prayer, it too has its definite goal, reasoning and perception in how it is spoken, notifying the One to Whom an individual is praying, that the communication is meant to be based on what is Spiritual between Them.  Even when you speak to a very, very young Saint, it is important that dignity, respect, honor be expressed.

At this time that I speak These Words, I speak Them with a Deep Hope that prayer will be more understood than the average person practices it.

When a prayer is spoken, it should be said with dignity, not rattled off as if the One to Whom is being prayed to, something requested of, is just ordinary, because Sainthood is not ordinary.  It is a Gift of Divine Love that blesses the Soul of the One Who is called ‘a Saint’ with many Gifts that are not seen, are not spoken about, not elaborated upon, in the degree human conversation has the habit to do.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens want those who are yet upon the earth in the living state, human state, to be aware of what a Precious Gift human life is, and that the Goal that awaits the Soul of every human being is Far Greater than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

I oftentimes hear someone say, ‘I believe in God.’ Yes, they do, but they oftentimes resist what the communication should be, not just a fleeting moment of ‘Hello,’ ‘Good-bye,’ or ‘I love You,’ because through the Soul that every human being is the custodian of, I am present, and the Soul, in listening to what is spoken, knows that I am present, and that I will, in My Way, bless the individual speaking to the degree the individual deserves, due to the amount of purpose, dignity, respect, and understanding.

Let us go back now in time, to when a Man walked the earth and He was called ‘The Son of God’.  How many individuals at that time were moral in their concept, were respectful in how they treated Him?  Needless to say, that was a time of great sadness, but it was the foundation for what so many at this time in which you live, follow in a different manner, way; that is, by disrespect, or innately ignoring the Importance of The Divine.

I could speak hours and hours.  What I have just spoken is open to be read, but also to be recognized for the importance of It having to be put into script, at a time when there is so much sinfulness acceptable, and misinterpretations of the Importance of human life; plus, so many individuals catering more to the enemy, practicing immoralities, unkindnesses, and despicable actions so unnecessary.

As I close These Words, for those who read Them, I sincerely hope that it will be an awakening Fact to some who think what they call ‘spirituality’ in everything they say and do, but do not practice it physically or mentally, emotionally or lovingly.

Remember, in your human way of life, you depend upon hope for many things, but hope has to be backed many times by strategic planning, and more understanding of what one is hoping for.

As I close My Words at this time, I want you to remember What I have spoken, but I also say, ‘I bless you with My Divine Love, because you bear a Portion of Me, that hopefully will be returned to Me one day, ready to be called “a Saint”.’”

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