ON FEBRUARY 13, 2004 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have Blessed human life in the manner and degree not fully understood by them, but the day will come and they will remember This Time in Human History.

In the Blessings that pass forth through My Will, each time I express that I am speaking to instruct and to help the human side, but the Soul that is a Portion of Me, because these two things, the human part and the Soul are what give to human life a greater understanding of this creation of human life, and that it has a Goal that nothing else created is the recipient of in this Exact Manner, Way, Purpose and Love.

Throughout the world there are millions of men, women and children who do not have the privilege to learn firsthand, or even through script, the Importance of human life, and how close I am to it, within it, because I have Decreed what it stands for, and that within it, there is a Portion of Me that is to be returned to Me in ‘Purity’ greater than the human mentality understands it to be.

Though it is difficult for those born the human way to fully understand why I have chosen This Time in their day to speak so openly, Personally, confidentially, is Something greater than the mentality can perceive It to be.  Perhaps I can compare It to the human way of living to help it to be better understood, because of the closeness individuals have in feeling and emotion and caring.

I have chosen This Time in an open manner, requesting What I speak to be put into script so It cannot just be dependent on the memories of those who are present, but the script will reveal My Love, My Intentions, and how I Personally feel about this Creation of Mine, human life.

At one time, a long time ago, a Portion of What I Am was put upon the earth, and He was called ‘The Son of God’.  At that time it was not as openly discussed, but there were many who looked upon this time, at this time, realizing that His Way of Life, His Manner of doing things, was not termed in the same means, manner, or characteristic of how others His age stood.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Love for human life, because within it there is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, and My Love for That Portion to be returned to Me and be called ‘a Saint’.

Though there are millions of human beings throughout the world who might or would find My Words difficult to understand, or believe, I do, in My Own Way, use many means to give them strength, hope, and opportunities to allow their mentalities to be able to not just feel My Presence, My Love, but to cope with the necessities morally, mentally, physically, socially, and of course, spiritually.

As I close My Words now, I do not close Them from those who believe in Me.  I only close What I am speaking, because the human mentality can be able to learn more, feel closer, and be more capable of understanding that My Love for human life is Unending.”

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