ON FEBRUARY 24, 2004 AT 9:00 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

If some were present when I say Who I Am that is going to speak other Words, it would be difficult for them to comprehend such a Phenomenal pleasure and/or reality.  I often speak through this little one and do not announce Who I Am.

I have given to the world a Personal Association, Personal in that it is logical to see It as this, because the Words I speak logically pertain to the human way that I am directing My Words to be understood by.

I have never left human life without some Form of My Presence, because human life, as it was designed, is to use what it stands for, for the benefits of other human beings, giving them strength, hope, and a conscious understanding that within them I Exist.  The Word I gave to this is simple to remember.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

When individuals of all degrees of mentalities decided to call each other ‘soul mates’, it was to give them a closeness that no other word seemed to fit.  I find it a very beautiful word when it is used in the proper manner, way and purpose.

I know there are thousands of all ages, all backgrounds, all mentalities of men, women and children who can only adjust or accept or believe what their mentality allows them to see as natural, human, and comfortable.

The Beauty of human life truly never ceases.  It is just that it is sad when immorality becomes the focal point of how individuals think, speak, act, or are example of, because impurities in any dimension, any facet of human life, causes harm to their Soul.

The Soul is a Portion of What I Am.  The Soul is the recipient of all an individual is any part of.  The Soul pleads with Me many times to help the one in who They are, to think more prudently, more justly, more purely in every facet of life, whether it just be an acquaintance or a permanent relationship, such as in friendship, or family life, or in the work areas of human life.  There are no exceptions that cannot be used to be moral and pure in what life is created for.

As I close These Words at this time, They are to reveal to many that I do care about this Creation of Mine; but, before I close, I must add one important line:  Never think or feel I am not Present because you cannot see Me physically.  I know All things and I am Ever Present every place throughout the whole world, and other places too difficult for some to understand, but Truth is many times greater than what the human mentality can comprehend.”

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