ON MARCH 8, 2004 AT 1:02 PM


“I am a Guardian Angel.  We All smile when the little one is so shocked that a Guardian Angel would speak so openly and announce Who They are.

Yes, it is rare for individuals of all ages to understand that many times a Guardian Angel has the privilege to speak, encourage, instill, and also to guide the one in whom It was placed at a given time.

To so few men, women and children, does a Guardian Angel truly exist in their understanding that The Father, in His Divine Love, gave to each human being born, a Protective Part, a Portion beyond what a human mind could perceive It to be.

Ask yourself, how many times were you close to being hurt, harmed, or something else occurred to you that was beneath what you would like it to be:  something moral, immoral; something that would leave a mark on you emotionally, always letting you wonder how it happened, and why would it have occurred.

What I am speaking about is a Very Important Part of human life, because oftentimes an individual is not concentrating on what they are surrounded by, who they are surrounded by, or what the subject matter involves.  So much is accepted, taken for granted as being natural in concept, in content, and in reasonability.

I smile when I say My next Words.  No age proves one’s innocence, or does not accept things that seem natural, normal, without looking into the indepthness of the subject matter, or the rational meaning of what is occurring.

I have spoken these things not just for those who have taken the Words, but to remind you, and even alert you too:  As you deal with all different degrees of human life, you cannot expect everyone to see things as you see them, but you have the right to respond in the manner you know is correct and understandable to those who receive what you speak.

I will close These Words because, for many, What I have spoken may be difficult to understand why I would speak in such a way regarding communication the human way.”

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