ON APRIL 15, 2004 AT 1:12 PM


“There are about Seven Saints.  Our Lord is standing in the center.  He has grouped Them together, instructing Them on What They must deliver at different times, so that those who are yet in the living state will begin to more fully understand that The Father is ever watchful, and is always aware when the living human lives are making plans, or issuing orders to others.

There is no time He is not present to those who walk with Him because of His Love for all He has created is above and beyond the human mentality; thus, His Reasoning is at this time for this Purpose:  to aid those in the living state to be able to never compromise the good in them, or to patronize those who fall short in understanding the greatness of morality and what it gives to human life, practically unknowingly, because the human mentality does not think this indepthly on what they feel, or their intentions, or what they practice when they are alone or with other human beings.

Human life, unto itself, is a Blessing beyond what it is seen to be, but the very fact that human life is gifted with so many abilities to use for the betterment of their way of life, but also for their Souls, that even though they do not see the Soul, their conscience is evident at all times, thus giving them the ability to be able to practice only what is morally sound or pleasing to The Creator of All Things.

As I close These Words, I bless you, and desire you to read the Words once in awhile to give you the strength to one day be ‘a Saint’.”

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