ON JUNE 10, 2004 AT 12:52 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.

This Gift of The Father’s Love is beyond the scope of understanding in the human way, what a Great Gift Divine Love is for more than the Soul, also for the body and the mind of those who partake in learning and questioning important situations, conditions, reasonability and purpose.

Today, as Many of Us Saints see children learning subject matter, in the lower grades even, the subject matter is not always, or I should say, does not always register in its full meaning, because the young ears absorb only what is feasible to their mentality.

Each day One of Us speak Here in the Heavens, Our Voice is heard through a human voice.  This should tell all who take the Words and read the Words, what an Important Great Power The Father allows, to help those in the living state learn more, understand more, and realize more regarding the Purpose for human life, and the reasonability in all that it contains.

The Father, in His Love, does not show the Greatness, because as He speaks to the human way, human minds, He puts All Things in a logical, understandable force for all who hear the Words, read the Words, to better understand the Presence, His Presence first, and then the logic in what is spoken, informative in every way, in helping those who hear the Words, write the Words, have a more personal, logical perception of what is not just pleasing to The Father, but more beneficial to the human way.

I will close for I know I speak rapidly, but This Gift of The Father’s Love, based on Divine Hope, Divine Guidance, is more than the average human being understands It to be.

As I leave you, I say, ‘God will bless you for your participation in This Gift of Divine Way.’”

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