ON JUNE 24, 2004 AT 12:39 PM


“The child has come upon Who I am.  I am your Heavenly Father.

This Gift of My Divine Love is a Gift far greater than It is understood to be.  It is a Gift of My Divine Love, giving strength, deeper understanding, and hope for a Future Time that the human way of living will not be present, but the Soul that is within each human being that is in Heaven, will be treasured openly.

Though Many will not be called ‘Saints’ because They did not come from a source that used such a Title, but in My Divine Love for every Soul that I created in the beginning, and has returned to Me because of the one in whom It was placed at the moment of conception, there are no nationalities or degrees of learning that come into My Decision on how I will address the Soul that one day will appear before Me and wait for My Direction, and where to go and what will be expected of It from this point on.

Human life was created out of Divine Love, because human beings of all ages have the ability to fully understand the importance of everything they think, say and do, thus automatically being able to fathom, to understand in a beautiful manner and way, that there is a Goal for human life another way.

Today, as Many Saints are Here with Me now, I smile at this, because Sainthood is a Goal for every human being created.

Children are not being instructed indepthly.  So many important words are just in some way thrown out to be understood, and to be seen for the magnitude they represent morally, mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually.

My Love for this Creation of Mine is above and beyond what the human mentality can perceive Love to be, but It is a Love that is endless.  It is Forever and ever and ever, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, has this privilege.

Closing My Words is sometimes difficult, because I must confess, to have the privilege to speak like I speak, and give Words of Advice that no other place has the ability to do, remember, as you have accepted This Gift of Divine Love by putting the Words in print that Many of Us would speak, is a Blessing that one day you will be remembered by, when you enter the Kingdom, the Heavenly Way.”

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