ON JULY 23, 2004 AT 1:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

It is indeed a pleasure for Me to be able to dictate Words that will give to an innumerable amount of Souls more strength, more understanding, and more hope through My Delivering through one small voice, for others to put their Faith in Me, in the Words I dictate for others to read, giving them a way of thinking, a reason to think differently, or more than they are, and It always has a Goal that is not thought about until It passes through My Words to them, thus giving them strength, more knowledge, more perseverance in their willingness to help others who are not present when My Words are put into script.

Many times, when an individual speaks to Me in a personal manner, requesting aid, requesting help, or asking Me to help their decisions that they are about to make, give hope, understanding, and many times growth morally, mentally, psychologically, physically.

So much has been delivered using one small voice, yet requesting the Words be put into script, so What I Will others to think about, or to practice, or to spread to others so they can more indepthly understand a subject matter that I feel is beneficial to their mentality, and their will to use some form to help them, or to help others be reminded of what they are missing.

So much has been spoken through This Gift of Divine Love.  I assure you, I appreciate all the efforts, the time, the understanding, and the willingness to take What is spoken and share It where It will give more to one or more individuals than can be imaginable to the human mind.

I speak in a different manner today, but oftentimes when Words change, They encourage those who take Them to awaken to the fact that there is so much to human life worthwhile, and helpful to even millions of other human beings.

As These Words are closed at this time, I bless you for taking Them, and I will bless you for sharing Them.  Remember this.”

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