ON JULY 28, 2004 AT 11:51 AM




“I am your Heavenly Father.

Every once in awhile, I place this little one’s mentality and body in a closer contact with Me.  My Reasoning for this is to allow her to have the mental and physical strength it takes for What I Will others to know, to be helped by, and to grow stronger in; because, as the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of Who I Am, the Soul many times pleads with Me to help human beings to realize that the Presence of The Holy Trinity is constantly available, and oftentimes speaks Words of Encouragement, of Direction, of Strength for the Souls of those that were created bearing a Portion of The Creator, thus helping them return to The Creator What belongs to Him, bearing their name.

It will be difficult for some who read These Words, to understand the consistent Closeness The Heavenly Father is to man.

The Divine Love that has been shown for some time now by delivering Words, not just for Encouragement, but in detail regarding the Blessing that The Father Wills all to understand, because the Blessing of This Gift of Divine Love is in many ways a Treasure that allows the reality of closeness to The Divine to be understood in a personal, close, consistent Association.

We hear some say, ‘Why does not The Father instill openly in more human lives, instead of just one that we know of at this time?’

The Wisdom used for This Gift is One Greater, because It points out for all of human life, showing them that each individual has the responsibility and the privilege to act in a personal degree, manner, way, in their association with what is beneficial to them mentally, morally, psychologically; plus, blessing the Soul that they are the custodian of, not seen, but innately felt in a way that is obvious, because the Soul, as a Companion to human life, works consistently to The Father’s Love of every human being born.

I close These Words with a smile, because in the Creation of human life, That Portion of it is to return to from Where It came and be called ‘a Saint in Heaven’, because in returning to The Creator, the Blessing is above and beyond what the human mind alone could not have seen, felt, or understood the Greatness that is open to all human beings because of the Soul, That Portion of the Creator that is to return to Him, a Saint.”

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