ON AUGUST 10, 2004 AT 12:43 PM


“There are Several of Us with you.  We were the Apostles that walked with Christ at another time, another year in time.

As We hear so many written Words regarding the period of time in which We walked the earth with The Beloved One, The Sacred One, The Holy One, all the Stories that have been put into script, print and songs, deliver only a portion of what occurred at that Special Time in History, wherein The Son of The Creator walked a human path of living, constantly instructing in a degree and a manner beyond what many understood the Words to fully mean; but He would take the time and explain the purpose and the need to be able to follow a Set of Rules that would be based on Guidance, Truths, and a fuller understanding of the importance of obedience, because The Heavenly King wanted all who walked the human role, the human path, bearing the human responsibilities in every fact of human life.

Today in your time of life, as you read These Words, The Commandments of The Creator, through ‘one voice’, is not seen for the Greatness, the Importance, and the Purpose of the Instruction that occurred at that time.  The foundation for important facts is most often based on the value of the subject matter, the purpose and goal for which it is to be seen — to give strength, hope, and a greater meaning to life in the human way, but also, in one’s understanding for the benefit of the Soul.

So Many Here in the Heavens want to speak to encourage those who are yet in the living state, to realize that to be created a human being is not just a fact of life, but bears much Hope and a Great Goal for it to one day become what is called ‘a Saint’.

A million pages could be spoken and put into print, but the number would be so great that the subject would not be seen for its importance.  That is why, when you have the time and you desire to read The Commandments that were given at another time, it will refresh you, give you strength, and a deeper understanding, also a closer union with The Divine.

These Words have been spoken to alert you to try to daily go over the Words that were delivered a long time ago, and see the Words as not just Direction, but Communication with The Divine.

So much has been delivered to all degrees of intellect, all ages of human life.  There can be no excuses for anyone to not recognize the Love and the Purpose of Divine Enlightenment in such a pleasant understandable manner and way, than through the mentality that gives to life strength, hope, and the knowledge to know the Will of The Creator, the Divine Love of The Creator, and the Divine Hope that one day you will be in His Sight.”

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