ON FEBRUARY 7, 2005 AT 12:47 PM


“I am Saint Athanasius.  I am Saint Bernadette.  And I am Saint Peter Canisius.

We have been given this opportunity to find a way to be closer to those yet in the living state.  We have been directed to the correct manner The Father Decrees this association to be — dignified and understandable, for all to hear the exactness of What is delivered for them to be able to more better understand that each human being has the ability to communicate on given subjects; the companionship, due to the fact that the Words are no longer lost, but shared with one such as the deliverer is mentally oriented, and socially connected.

My Words thus far had to be, to give the proper strength, logic ability to what the Words would mean if practiced verbally in this manner and way for These Words to be remembered, because one day They may be the Words that will be the strength behind some weakness, or a direction towards some decision, or a practice of Faith in What they learned to be shared in a natural format of communication.

This small voice has been used thousands of times so that the Words delivered by The Divine and requested by her to be able to instruct, or to counsel, or to console according to what is needed by another Soul.

I hold her so deeply.  She is more with Me in The Divine, because What I have thus far spoken, and await more that is to come, the Lesson must be one that pleases The Divine, and gives strength to those who evaluate the Messages and are able to give credence to Them, for the Beauty in which They aid, console, contribute, and even condense many possibilities that should be spoken more about, or healed much through the Wording; but also, given a Gift innately of The True Existence of The Divinity.

Each time an Individual speaks, it has purpose, reasonability, and a goal.  The goal is prepared to give strength, balance, endurance, and a logical entity to improve what an individual needs to possess, due to the fact that in intercommunication, the Words oftentimes leave another human being with a stronger outlook on many, many things.

Granted, not All are bragged about, but innately sensed and used because of the logic that is produced from Them, giving a different approach and/or a different evaluation of a form of communication mentally, socially, morally, physically.

So much is always spoken but not put into print; but today, We felt it would give strength to many individuals for them to see the values in everything they think, say and do, and that these values can change other individuals into a stronger understanding in the beauty of silent communication that gives them the hope to give to others what is strengthening to the will and the mentality, thus extending this to others who never have this association in the degree, manner, way and/or purpose that would give to not just the receiver, but the instructor, to better understand that human life is totally a Gift of Divine Plan, and should be remembered in this way, this degree, for the rest of their days.”

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