ON FEBRUARY 16, 2005 AT 11:05 AM


“To prove a point, sometimes much evidence is necessary to confirm the facts and the reasonabilities regarding what the subject matter has to be accountable for.

Many individuals go through a very long lifetime telling stories that please others, but basically have no foundation or purpose for their content.

Children oftentimes repeat without understanding what they are repeating.  The reasonability behind this is the child’s need to be part of what is occurring.

Thousands of Words pass through this little one We use, All understandable to the nature of the subject matter, but oftentimes the individuals involved do not see the value or the importance of memory and the ability to repeat what was spoken about a long time ago.

Bible History has in many ways the power of longevity that is interesting to those who read it and find the Words interesting, plus necessary for many subjects that are point of concern.

I will close at this time, for I have the ability to write, to dictate thousands of Words, but many times when there are too many Words, the reader becomes disinterested.”

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