ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2005 AT 9:40 AM


“You have been gifted to live in a time in which more understanding of The Divine’s Presence is more obvious to a greater degree of men, women and children, but I am sad to say, ‘It is not understood for What a Gift It is from The Divine.’

So much, or I could say, too much is taken for granted, thus ignoring what a Precious Gift has openly been spoken about, to enlighten all ages to the privilege they are the recipients of.

So little is spoken about regarding what a Gift of This Measure is to those who receive It, a Gift of Divine Love which is over human love or human understanding.

When I was nailed to a cross, it had many reasons:  anger, jealousy, and words too numerous to mention.

Human understanding is not always what it should be, not because it has not been instructed upon, but because other gifts to humans from human beings, precedes what this Gift does mentally, morally, logically, for the physical, and of course, the Goal for which human life was created to reach.

Though These Words are different than some would expect Them to be, I have chosen Them because the meaning of Them is understandable to all mentalities.

A Gift of Divine Love is not always appreciated, but I assure you, Its Purpose is Divine, and gives aid where it is needed, plus an innate understanding that I Exist.”

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