ON OCTOBER 17, 2005 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.  I smile when I speak My Words, mentioning My Name to this little one.  She went to a school one time in which I was considered important in.  Many, many children were attendants at this school, but My Name always, when it was spoken, she would say it again and again and again; so today, as I speak through this little one, I remind her, ‘I am Saint Peter Canisius, the One you used to hear so much from.’

It is amazing how many individuals, when praying or even thinking about Someone Who is pronounced ‘a Saint’, it seems to gather so much more attention, especially when they have had some association at a time when it was just the Name they sensed in a particular place.

Let Us talk about Heaven.  There are so Many Saints Here, it is a delight to be amongst Them, because Each of Us want to serve The Creator through Our aiding those who are in the living state to more fully understand the privilege of human life, and that it was created for a Goal such as This One is, not just to have the Title, but to have the responsibilities in service the way it was designed to be, thus giving to those yet in the living state the ability to understand that there is a Goal to the human way of life, and this Goal is remarkable in what It stands for.  By this, I mean service to The Creator, and answering requests of those yet in the living state.

I know you do not hear These Words often, but I requested permission to say Them today, because when the time comes and you become ‘a Saint’, it is the Greatest Gift of Divine Love that you could ever experience, because it makes how you lived, and what service you can be to The Creator, because now you can answer prayers and give hope where it is needed.

I will bless you when I say:  Make your Goal ‘Sainthood’.  It is a Beautiful Way to walk, as ‘a Saint’.”

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