ON MAY 11, 2006 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret. (He’s smiling.)

Many of Us Saints are always present where this little one is, but also where the rest of you who are here at this time.  We are many times with you, but do not make sounds.

You live in a time wherein there is so much progress, so many talents and so much logic, and it is important for the next Line for Me to say.  Spiritually is a very high number of Souls that you partake in, with, and you are part of the amount that speak openly, seriously, many words in private and many words in which groups are associated.

I know My Words are different than you might expect Them to be, but I assure you, when We were created human beings, Those of Us Who speak to you in Another Degree of Living Matter and Things, The Father has allowed Us to share Words that could possibly help you more indepthly understand certain Facts that are often expressed spiritually, because each period of time in the History of human life had different and has different means and manner of associating with different Saints at different times, or even Many Saints at the same time.

Prayer is a very important asset, important Gift, important communication, and is always heard from you when you speak it, you think it, you act it.  Those in the living state understand Who you are talking about, Who you are thinking about, and Who you are associated with, in the Spiritual Line of human lives.

So many times We speak differently, and it is to help you understand that Our Presence is allowed by The Creator of All Things, and He likes you to know certain things about Us that hopefully will aid you in matters you may be concerned about, or conditions you may be worried about, or Spiritual hope that you are in need of.  The list is so endless, I could go on and on and on.

Never forget one thing:  When you think of The Divine you are Blessed, when you speak to The Divine you are Blessed, and when you say prayers to The Divine, you are heard and Blessed.  What more could you ask from a Gift such as this is, because your Soul is constantly available to The Divine, even when your mentality could be on another subject.  Something to think about, and something to be thankful for all the time.”

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