ON JUNE 9, 2006 AT 5:29 PM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

I am Saint Peter Canisius.

I am your Heavenly Mother.

As We gather on this day, it is because of Our Love for what you have accepted to do, to help others more fully understand and to more indepthly acknowledge their participation in the plan of spreading the Words that give so much Information to a great number of men, women, and even some children.

Time is important to every human being.  It would be foolish to think otherwise, because time gives the Soul of a human being the chance to do things for The Father that only the Soul has the ability or the communication or the understanding to do, because It is capable of things to be heard, to be seen, and to be followed that do not have to be seen in paper form.

This Gift of Divine Love is not just to encourage but to instill the importance of all that is accomplished, to those who have time and are chosen to partake in Divine Will.

Hours could be spoken on This Gift that not only enlightens the mentalities but instills in the mentalities, the importance of what they are requested to practice, to follow, and to perpetuate Divine Will.

I could speak hours on what an important mission this could be for those who are willing to follow quietly, and in learning the ways, the importance of what has been delivered by Many Saints.

There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who find working for The Creator more than a privilege, because They realize that to pay honor and become a Part of helping morally, psychologically, so much that has passed through to be exceptional in Its Meaning and Its Divine Love, only the Blessings are sometimes understood in Their fullest degree.

I could speak hours, as All Here in the Heavens could, but We know your time.  You have accomplished much on this day and other days close to this time.

I will close with a Blessing that you all know: ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’”

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