ON OCTOBER 5, 2006 AT 2:18 PM


“There are Many Angels Who are so happy to be with you, especially when you are in the writing scope of addressing things you enjoy, things you have heard about, and things that are important to you, for you, with you, in you, even by you.

So many human beings miss the time when there is enjoyment in what they can do, what they can feel and what they can associate with.

Today as Many of Us visit with you, it is because We request The Heavenly Father for this trip to be with you.  He always says ‘Yes,’ because He knows how important Our time is when We can use the time to surprise you or even to silently visit with you in conditions, on situations that are important for the work you do.

As you face each day and you have several things to clarify, to identify and/or to use, it is important that you understand there are always Several of Us praying for you and asking The Heavenly Father to aid you to be successful and to be happy with what you accomplish, but as We close the Words at this time, We want you to know that though We are in a different Place than you, and though We are of a different structure of Living Matter than you, it is a privilege for Us to be Part of anything you use Us for, and We can do.

Thank you.  Remember this.  We do care about you.”

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