ON OCTOBER 23, 2006 AT 11:52 AM


“There is no day and there is no time that We do not ask this little one to communicate for The Divine.  This may sound wrong to some who hear the Words, but she has been in service for a very, very, very long time.  Her response is always in conjunction with what is physically, psychologically, intellectually satisfactory to every fact concerned.

We hold her tightly at this moment because of the Power We Are, and how strong It is in her body to be able to repeat what We Will others to know.

For a very long time this little one has walked a very tight tightrope, only because how she has been trained to respond to circumstances or individual people is far more important to her, but also very difficult in some cases, because those listening, those watching, do not have the background to understand and/or support the manner in which she lives, the manner in which she handles serious considerations, plans and understanding.

You may say, ‘Why would I talk to you like this?’ It is to help you more fully understand that in living the life of a human way, every human being has the privilege to do it right over wrong, and accept what The Father Wills over what they feel it should be.

We will talk more on this at a later time, but We assure you that where this little one is, We are.  So be it.”

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