IN MARCH, 1980

(Letter Following Application For Sainthood)

“Dear Child,

I have reviewed your application for Sainthood, and in My Fatherly Love for you, I recommend many changes.

In reviewing your offenses against Me, against the Soul I gave you, you must recognize the importance and the reality of purity necessary for all things in Heaven.  In the time you have to change your ways, to improve on all you are, it will take more effort on the part of your will.

It is not impossible for you to grow in Grace, or an enriched purity of mind, body and Soul.  Your Guidelines, of course, are My Ten Commandments.  You are strengthened by the Sacraments of My Church.  Your hope is in My Love for you, through all I have given you, and all I have not given you, or have or have not allowed you to be a part of.

I want you to review your application again and again, and as you eliminate each offense, and you are determined to feel the need for a purer approach to people, places and things, this will be your sign of growing in strength My Way.

I am ever aware of your intentions, your desires, your efforts and your offerings to Me for the good of your Soul.  I want you to know that My Will for you is for you to return to Me in as pure a state as I Desire, for there is no child born to the world that I do not want to spend All Eternity with Me.  My Love for you is beyond your knowledge, your realization, your understanding, but you can be assured that My Love for you is the strength that guides you in every pure act you perform, and it is My Love for you that desires the return of your Soul.

I accept your application, My child, and I will hold it close to Me, hoping that the next time you apply for Sainthood, all the answers will be given purely.”


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