ON MAY 15, 1975 AT 11:45 PM


“My beloved son, I did not take My Time nor the time of a son, Moses, to just use words that would please men.  I set forth Rules for men to live by and with.  So many men in the world are diminishing My Commands, My Demands.  You must not involve yourself with issues that compromise My Commands.

You have never truly expected to hear, to read My Direct Commands.  I command you from the Heavens Where I am to uphold My Rules and not pacify men.  As you are a son of Mine, you are a creation of Mine.  I have control of all things, and you must know that through this control I use the Rules to hold men in just ways, with moral views intended for the good of their Souls.

Be particular, My son, in what paths you choose to follow.  You can become vulnerable to other men’s wills, weaknesses and confused state.  Responsibility has many dimensions, many degrees, many facets, many areas, many goals.  If you hold My Commands as your Rules to live by, you will have the ability, the capability, and the chance to instruct, construct, rather than destruct.  Remember one thing — My Love must supersede all things.  Your love must place Me first, above all things.  Human love is far beneath My Degree of Love, but you must love Me first and then you will succeed.

My son, be determined to trust in the Rules and Commands I gave, and teach other men, by your example, the fruits of what I gave.  The world has become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You were not there to see what I had to do at that time.  I sincerely pray, hope and desire that you will never experience the horror of that time.  You must take a stand for The Divine and keep in mind that I, your Father, seek for all mankind, delivery unto Me.  So be it.”

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