ON OCTOBER 6, 1978


“Why are statues important?

Why are pictures of Saints important?

Why do we need them?

What purpose do these have in our lives?

What will it do to our Spiritual growth if we eliminate all forms of reminders to pray?

Are we so God-oriented that we need nothing specific to alert us to the need of prayer?

Do we look at all things surrounding us and all things we have as God-given, reminding us to say ‘Thank You’ to Him?

Without encouragement of some kind, do we remember The Saints in Heaven?

Do we remember prayer?

Have we, in this modern, paganistic world, eliminated the necessity of dependency on God?

Or are we so physically and mentally and spiritually full that just meditation suffices?

Are we so pious that we do not need reminders of God?

Let’s stop theorizing.  Let’s stop this attitude that we are so self-sufficient, so intellectual, so wise, that we can empty our lives of reminders to pray.

A statue alerts our attention, or stimulates our thinking.  This statue is a reminder for prayer or a reminder of why we were born — ‘To become a Saint’.

Why do people advertise their money-making projects? They use pictures, statues, symbols, logos.  Is this not to remind you to buy their product, to remember them?

Do not forget — people need reminders or they forget.”

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