ON OCTOBER 13, 1971 AT 2:50 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, you have come upon The Miracle which Heaven states is dedicated to My Way.  It is God’s Will for Me, God’s Love for you.  It is The Miracle that will lead mankind to the Feet of The King, to the Doors of Heaven, to the Gates of Love, and yes, it is The Miracle of your time.  Right now there are many men arguing the truth of this way, the validity, the purpose, the design.  I smile at this and say, ‘Rather than discuss it with each other, ask The Divine.’ My children, all through time man has beseeched Heaven for a definite pattern, a definite way, a positive truth to walk so he would not stray.  It is here in your midst, day by day.

The Heavenly Mother is alert to all children who enter This Miracle of Mine.  She observes their way and She oftentimes blesses them as they come, as they go, and She says, ‘You know the Prayer I love must be said each day.’ My children, be conscious of the importance of prayer.  Do not let a day go by that you do not feel the need of it, the truth of it, the purpose it is.  It is true, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is true that God has given you the answers through prayer.  It is true that God loves you so much that He has given you a Personal Touch.  It is true that to be saved man must pray the Holy Rosary every day.  Man looks to arguments against this, man looks to reasons why he should not say these prayers.

First of all, I must say to man, ‘You must be obedient and trust God’s Plan.’ The lack of self–discipline in the way of man is what is causing man to stray.  Children are not being taught discipline each day.  Children are not being taught to pray.  Children are being led astray.  There must come a great white wave and in this wave there must be truth.  The wave, of course, is the wave of prayer, the wave of purity, the wave of modesty.

God has Decreed this time to be, and it is up to Him, all the Graces that man receives.  In the way I stand in the Realm of Heaven, I see so many children straying and going their own way, following other men to the pits of Hell.  Please, My children, keep on working for what is right, what is truth, and as you do you will feel God’s Love for you.  There are so many children in the world now, smug in their own beliefs, and yes, blind to what is truth.  Please pray for these children to see God’s Way from you.  Be example of truth.  Be example God’s Way.

Many, Many, Many, Many, Many Saints have come through This Miracle of Mine.  They have been sent by The Father Divine.  Their Teachings are the same, for They say to you, ‘Call His Name.’ They know the Love He is, They know the Beauty He is, and They know how little you are.  God is your strength for God is Truth.  God is your Love for He is All Love.  My children, look to what comes from Above.  Follow it with humility, follow it with love, and those who work with you will desire to do only God’s Will.  Tell them that they are on the right path and they must never deviate from this path.

The Hill of Love is to be made in My Honor, My Way — God’s Will — has been designed by the Above, The Holy Trinity.  I smile when I say this, for the Hill is of great size, beauty, and all who walk upon it will feel the Grace.  You see, My children, Grace is being poured into this Hill so children will feel God’s Love.  Many Saints will also walk this Hill, the Saints of the past, but I add: the Saints of the future, also.

The time in which you live is a great time, a perfect time for each of you to become a Saint.  You know Sainthood is gained by the works of love you do.  Sainthood is gained by service you give God.  Sainthood is gained by the love you show all through your physical life.

And now, My children, before I leave I bless you now with God’s Love, as I once did a long time ago.  The Child is not in My Arms this time, but He stands Above with a Blessing, as I raise My Hand with Love.  So be it.”

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