ON SEPTEMBER 19, 1969 AT 11:25 AM


“My beloved daughters, man would say, ‘The chance of a lifetime, the chance to do something worthwhile, the chance to progress among men in a favorable way.’ This would be some men’s way of determining The Miracle at hand but, in reality, this is not so.  The real Truth, the real Purpose behind such an Act of God is Supernatural in being and has only the Soul of man in mind for the end of time.

Man would immediately direct all things to the physical, so God has deigned that man become aware of the Spiritual needs of the physical life in this way: He put upon the earth a child, inadequate on her own to serve Him in any other way than man could serve Him, but He chose the child and prepared her for a purpose designed only to spell out the Supernatural Way for all men.  On her own, she is small, weak, inadequate, but when the Power of God surges through her, she can preach His Name to all men, she can preach His Way with fervor, intelligence and love.

Many men who come to see her will see a small child but will hear Me.  If they but knew what sacrifice she made for them, they would say, ‘I would not have done it for her.’ So it is that in God’s Knowledge, He was fully aware she would.

Her turmoil is her love for Me.  Her fears, not to discredit Me in any way.  What better expression of love can a child give than to want to be a credit to his father? She often says, ‘I’d rather not have it because I am afraid I will do something wrong for You.’ I smile upon her and say, ‘Let Me worry, My daughter, about your smallness.  Just carry on for Me, else I will have to approach man in a much harsher way and I deem this way the best for now.’ So be it.”

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