ON DECEMBER 4, 1970 AT 1:25 PM


“The words ‘Spiritual children’ you have read, are usually connected with a child chosen by God to serve in a specific manner; not their doing but The Father’s.  A Spiritual child is not a friend but a subject for prayer, an object of love, a concern for all prayer.  A Spiritual child is one that much emphasis is placed upon, for the child feels strength in the title from the chosen one.

You, My daughters, as others are, are Spiritual children of the chosen one.  If she had her way she would prefer to have you as friends, for friendship says a different way, friendship is the human way.  As flesh is flesh and tears are tears, God injects fear of disconnection with what is.  Oh, if you but knew the sadness that she has as she looks at you, wishing that things were as they had been.  No more can they be, no more will they be, no more can she say, ‘You are a friend of me.’

So many men wait for her to falter, to stumble.  They look sharp for anything she might do so they can say she is a fake.  What a sad way to walk for a child who in her heart wishes only to serve where it is worthwhile.  The shoulders, not usually bent, carry the weight God has sent — man’s weight, multiplied a thousandfold again and again, in a story only the Spiritual can unfold.

The degree of This Miracle, seventh; the reason for The Miracle, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph that is, is to allow all men to know of Him and the Power He bestows when It is needed, where It is needed, how It is needed, and the amount in which It is needed.  She is as the referral instrument of Him.  Her screams are not heard by men, but Where I Am.

The day will come and as she sits, thousands will approach, none wanting to miss the atmosphere, the Sacred Love, the peace that exists surrounding her, radiating from her, penetrating those who come within reach of her.  They will look at her eyes, they will seek her lips, they will want her hand, they will want to touch her dress; just any part will help them, for they will know that she will help them who are in distress.  Her confidence in God, her love for Him will shine and show.

She will depend much on you to help The Miracle grow, for she will be unable to satisfy other needs and she will be a victim for God in what He Decrees.  The sight of you will give her assurance for she will know all things are being handled in truth, in integrity, in honor and in reverence due.  She will reprimand you, not nastily, but to help you grow more perfectly, but her love, her tolerance will grow and it will help you grow.

There are many things she does not say for she feels they would be too heavy for you to carry in your way; so as she protects you, know this: she does not deprive you of gossip, of knowledge, of love.  No man walks as this.  Her impatience will grow but her love for God will become deeper for I want you to know she reads Souls.

The climax of The Miracle will be when she leaves the world to come with Me, a time yet for this to be; but when it happens there will be no fear, only anxiety, for she will have grown so deep in love with what is Here that she will seek only Heaven and all that is dear.

Each part you play, each effort you make, each action you do, each word you make, each feeling you have must be for Here, for you are known to Us as her Spiritual children she holds dear.”

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