ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1974 AT 3:55 PM


“My beloved children, it is I, Saint Peter, speaking through this child, announcing to the world the Gifts bestowed upon her by The Father, so worthwhile.  Men scream out, ‘Why do I not have these Gifts?’ And The Father says to them, ‘It is not a case of deserving, but a case where I knew they would not go amiss.’

This is the reality of walking in the manner and the way that this child walks each day.  I speak through her openly to the world, and I say: ‘It is not mere trouble the world is in, but there are many enemies within, without, around, and yes, it is as this: the secretion from a terrible disease, poison, is like the turmoil all around.  The infectious and puslike material of leprosy covers the earth now, not with the disease as it is known to be, but with the infiltration of heresy.  There is so much in the world that men should be fleeing from, not acting in, upon.  There is so much disease throughout the world — physical, mental, Spiritual.’

This Miracle has just begun.  The child must rest to face the tests she is about to face.  Men are plotting, planning much disgrace.  This child makes light of many things, and I, Saint Peter, come today not just to bless, but to relate, describe, and hopefully to penetrate your wills with the need for the army to be for Christianity.

Most men see but one facet at a time, of life, vocation, daily needs, but I say to you now from Heaven Where I am, ‘Best men look at all the facets so they can be prepared to determine, to discern, to eliminate, and to begin to fight for the facets that pertain to all right.’

The Beloved Father stands in the Heavens, saying, ‘I have but a small army to fight,’ and All The Saints look at Him and say, ‘Father Almighty, Highest One, Heavenly King, can You not gather more men readily?’ He says: ‘Through one Seed I can conquer the world.  Through one ray of Light I can stimulate love for Me.  Through one ounce of Truth I can draw men from heresy, and through one child that I use, I can touch millions of Souls, millions of men.  I do not need the masses to work for Me, but I will gather them through the solid way a child will stand, one seed, for Me.  Do not forget, I have created all things.’

I, Saint Peter, shout to the world, ‘All the Lessons that have been taught, all the Directions given, must be brought to the front.’ The world must know.  The child must travel; the world must see, hear and know what The Father has Decreed.  The child must travel so men will see her, know her, get to love her, feel her, and she will be the magnet to draw them to the Hill where they must be.

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I have, through My Words, saddened the child, but it had to be.  I bless you in the Way of The Holy Eucharist, the Physical Part of The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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