ON JULY 27, 1975 AT 9:50 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I speak clearly to you on this night.  I offer you a sacrifice — a sacrifice of love for The Divine.  The Father, of Whom you speak so lightly, has handed to the world a Beautiful Gift — a Gift of Light, a Gift of Hope; but in truth, in a way, in a manner and a means, it could be termed ‘a sacrifice on His Part for you’.

One time He sent to the world a Part of Himself, a Sacrifice, because of His Love for all mankind.  Once again The Father sends to the world a sacrifice.  Some children in the world would not determine this Great Miracle as a sacrifice, but I want you to look at It and see that without such a sacrifice of a human being, many things would not be learned, for men would be too busy in the world to stop, think and see.

Let us now look at a sacrifice of love, for The Father does not like to take a child and use a child for extreme things.  The first facet I want you to see is the magnitude of love it takes to walk in the Light of Divine Love.  Next, how much do you truly love other human beings? Do you love them beyond your love for yourself, for anything else? I wonder.

I am a Saint Here in the Heavens and I see all things clearly.  I see all things in the manner The Father desires Me to see them.  Third, I say to you now, ‘How much time would you give to a sacrifice, to being a sacrifice in the world, when other men do not under–stand things?’ I ask you now to think about what I have said.

I have spoken distinct on this night for, through the child’s tiredness, I wanted all things to be clear.  I wanted you to understand what I said.  I have never quite spoken this way through this child, in such an articulate way, but it was necessary.

I am Saint Michael and I speak to you with a Love beyond your love.  Compare the time now with the time when He sent a Sacrifice from Above.  Perhaps there are differences in many ways, but the meaning is the same.  He freed men, He freed Souls, and this time He comes the same way.  The Father Decreed that The Beloved Joseph must become known throughout the world.  He is fast being seen.  In reality, He is The Saint of Flight, for the whole world to better understand the beauty of day and night, and the privilege of serving in total trust, in blindness yet see, for The Holy Trinity.

Another Here will speak, but I bless you with the Sword of Love, the Sword of Power, the Sword of Light, and as it shimmers in God’s Way, I say to you, ‘Use it every day in His Way so that you will be a warrior for everyone you meet, everyone that you love.’ Oh, My children, be aware that to be a warrior for Him, love shows clear.  So be it.”

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