ON JULY 27, 1973 AT 8:04 PM


“Remember to tell the children on this night that exhaustion in God’s Way is Grace for the light of day.  Exhaustion for Him, in His Love, in love with Him, will one day bring you Face to face.  And when you feel the time is too much and that others weigh too heavy upon you, don’t be so concerned in the physical movement; but, at this moment, pray for the strength to overcome the tiredness, the strength to better understand when you know there is terrible delay.  Pray that God will help all those who do not understand, that do not understand the Beauty of His Way.  Keep in mind, My little one, that all children in the world do not realize that the privilege of the physical way is a privilege only God can give, and satan tries to take away.

Be blessed by the moments of the Wisdom to other children.  Be blessed by the time that you are forced to give.  Be blessed by the times you cry in horror of what you see, what you feel, and what you know.  Be blessed by the moments that you feel no light, only darkness.  Be blessed by the time that other children make up to God for their mistakes.  Also, be blessed by the soil of the Hill, for those who walk upon it will gain Grace.  Do not fear what is ahead, but walk directly into it.  And when you reach the fork in the road, don’t look down; look up, for up there is The Holy Eucharist.”

And in a moment of quite sadness, I said to Her, “The cross is heavy.  I am not strong.” And Saint Martha said to me, “Only He can raise you to your feet when you are so alone.”

“So keep in mind, My children, that a sacrificial lamb, a Victim Soul had to be, for this Hill of Hope is to grow, grow to such a Magnitude that men will save their Souls.  Today the child was shown a scale, and on one side was your Soul, on the other was the Hill of Hope.  What the world did not know was that she shouted out, ‘Watch out for the Soul.’ And God did say to her, ‘The balance must be kept by you, and each time the work is not done upon the Hill, the side where the Soul is will rise, for fewer will be saved.’

And then I, Saint Martha, stood over the child while she cried, for the cross she bears is in the world, as was Catherine of Siena, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Joan of Arc, and of course, The One Who led the way was He Himself.  The Cross He bore was for the world, and one day it was placed upon this child, and in the weight was every man’s Soul.  As she fell to the floor, His Feet were present in her face, and when she reached out to touch Them, the Blood did glow.  And then He took her hand, raised her to her feet and said, ‘Only I have the Power to raise you from the floor.’ Joseph was standing to her right.  He did not touch her, but at the sight He looked into The Father’s Eyes, Who was once His Son, and said, ‘Must she suffer so much for Me?’ And The Father looked at Him and said, ‘Through You, for Souls to come Here for All Eternity.’

No man does know what a weight a Miracle can be.  They treat It lightly and they busy themselves with other things, but if all men were to know the Truth that It does show and the Reason for It in the time It is, men would fight for It instead of just listening.

I, Saint Martha, say to you, ‘If the child were laid upon an altar to be burned, would you stand aside and watch it?’ I say, ‘No,’ for it is not the act in your way or day or time to have it done like this.  But I, Saint Martha say, ‘How many watched Joan at the stake?’ Only one showed her the Cross that day.”

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