ON JULY 5, 1976 AT 10:40 PM


“A Great Miracle has been given to the world, a Miracle of Light, Wisdom, Hope, Command and Demand and Love.

I, The Father, speak through this child on this night and I say, ‘Abuse to her, in many ways, to Me, is difficult for Me to withstand, to stand for, and to allow.’ This child is more physically weak than men know, and yet upon her shoulders, her back, her mentality and her love, I have set the world.

Through her I have spoken of things men desire to not think about — The Body, The Tabernacle, The Womb of The Heavenly Mother, The Receptacle of My Love for the whole world.  Why would men feel better to feel and think and see and to acknowledge Her as part of the human role rather than The Holy Divinity? She is of Me, She always has been.  It is the Part of Me, the Beauty, the Grace, the Creativity, the Wisdom that I placed upon the earth, to give men of all races, all colors, all creeds, the strength to understand Me.

And through This Portion I planted a Seed.  I placed It, I instilled It, of Me; a Seed that would be born to the world, a Son Who would institute the Church that only I could have begun.  I placed, first, The Tabernacle, the home, and in this home I placed the Sacrifice, The Son; and in this place I gave to the world My Grace — a place to find Me, a place to receive Me, a place to come to Me, a place to hold dear, as Me.  I gave the world a Portion of Me.  As She appeared upon the earth, She was a Woman as all other women, but She was The Tabernacle to bear, to carry, to give birth to Whom I Am, What I Am, What I Desire for all mankind.

And then, what men did not understand, before I placed The Tabernacle upon the earth, I placed a Man to protect a Part of Me, for He was of Me, Divinity.  I gave The Protection I Am, I gave the Protection that I always hand down to all children — the Protection of Love, Mercy, Justice; I gave Me, through the Beloved Name of Joseph.  I gave this Greatness to the world to protect The Tabernacle, to protect The One Who would institute the Church, the formality, the place, the dwelling.  Does not man see My Love?

This child through whom I speak is an instrument of Hope for the whole world.  Men desecrate many things but men now are trying to destroy this child through whom I work.

I gave to the world the Part of Me, The Tabernacle, a place, a dwelling.  I gave to the world The Sacrifice, The One Who would institute, The One Who taught what I Willed men to know.  I gave to the world The Protection, The Beloved One, for men to follow, for men to see, for men to love, and for men to imitate.

I come now once again to the world, through a child such as you, to reestablish all the things.  She is the Three; the reestablishment of the Church through a woman, giving a Pronouncement to the Name of the Protector, letting all men know His Name.

Let it be known this child stands so alone in the world and this child stands totally for Me.  Men try to destroy what she is, in so many ways.  She has stood more bravely than men know, for I say to you now, ‘The responsibility in the world to reestablish My Church, as it was first brought to the world, must be the responsibility through a woman, the tabernacle of creativity.’ She knows this.

I bless you from the Heavens.  More will be on this.  The silence this child stands in is more than men know.  Men will one day have to see the protection that she is for them, because of her love for The Holy Trinity.  I bless you from The Heavens.  I bless you with Love and I say, ‘Her trust, one alone; her Faith, totally in Whom I Am.  The Task I have set upon the earth for her to accomplish is one of great worth — the reestablishment of the Institution of My Church.’  So be it.”

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