ON MARCH 24, 1977 AT 9:54 PM


“My beloved children, the armament of a true warrior, the fortitude, the imagination, the determination, the exactness, the practice to determine the art of hitting the target is important, especially to a warrior of God, for God, through God, in the Name of God.  The benefits of victory are not personal benefits but are attributable to the goal, the fulfillment, the intent.  This child has been on the battlefield a long time and the obstacles presented before her have been more than men can comprehend.

I speak slowly, for this child through whom I speak is exhausted beyond man’s belief.  I am Joan, of Arc, as you call Me to be.  The armor that this child wears is different than the armor I wore, facing the enemy.  The armor that she wears is distinct in every manner, and in many ways is less protective of her physical than the armor I wore in My day.

The child’s pain has increased, and I, Joan of Arc, say to the world, ‘As men fear pain, those walking on the battlefield for Him, perhaps fear it more; for they know that the blow struck has to be endured in His Name.’

The billeting of ammunition is difficult, but the ammunition through this Great Miracle are the Words that pour forth through her.  I will allow it to be checked for her1.  Never has there been a child chosen as this one.  The language, when she does not comprehend or understand, is difficult for her to speak.  This is good.  I make reference to speech that I understand and I know is the action, the means and the manner to fight a war.  This child leads many, many, many, many men and women on the battlefield of truth, for the dignity to be seen and the truths to be shown and the Faith to remain in the world.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I say, ‘This child will be taken from you so that days to come will be accomplished, for there is no rest until the City is standing bright with lights.’ Her physical is spent and more periods of rest must be gained, must be had, must be, for the hours of the day are not to be regulated according to men’s state.  Hers is different, and she must have the freedom to move when she must, speak when she will, and work when it is best for the body.

I leave you now and I say, ‘Put before her These Words on a day, tomorrow, so she will know it is not wrong, what she has been told before this; for it has been difficult for her because of her unerring love for man, feeling that they, too, must rest if she can.’  So be it.”

1  This refers to the fact that Saint Joan of Arc allowed us to look up the word “billeting” in the dictionary, as Mother Frances was not familiar with the word and had difficulty in saying it.

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