ON MARCH 5, 1970 AT 11:30 AM


“The Rosary was given to man for all the things that bring peace and cause life to be more pleasant.  Man says to man, ‘I’m tired,’ ‘I’m too busy,’ ‘I don’t have the time,’ ‘I’ve got a date,’ ‘I’m in a hurry,’ or, ‘I’m on the run.’ Be gentle with this child when you say, ‘Please kneel with me and pray.’ Continued speaking in this way will soon cause him to kneel and pray.  No effort that you can exert to serve Our Lady best, can give more Blessings than the Beads, when you kneel and say the rest.  The turmoils that you feel in life with the daily acts of man, please rest assured, My children, that these can be eliminated from the plan.

The Rosary and the Water (Holy), the daily task of prayer, the walking to the Altar and the receiving Him Who is there; don’t make excuses, little ones, for God does favor you.  He says, ‘Please do these things that I am asking of you.’ They take so little time to do, and the Blessings that you gain mount up in billions in the Way of Heavenly Grace in the main.  Don’t fret over little things but when you feel the strain, hold the Beads and say the prayers and strength will come again.

I do not come in sadness for it is always joy to speak to children I created, all My girls and boys.  Let signs of truth give you the light to follow Every Word.  Remember, daughters, kneel and pray, I’ll listen to every word.”

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