ON OCTOBER 20, 1969 AT 11:10 AM


“My beloved daughters, man fights desperately to find cures for a malignant cancer of the flesh.  I, your God, have the cure for a malignant cancer of the flesh, but I say to all men, ‘Before this cure I give you another cure, the cure for the Soul.’

If you were to see with the physical eye the cancerous sight of many Souls, you would run for your life, screaming in terror.  If all men were to experience the true sight, the odor of the malignant cancer of the physical, it would cause him to become sick to his stomach and he could not stand what he saw.  Only a few medical men experience this disgusting sight in the way of man, but I, your God, view a more devastating, more intolerable sight than these men.  I view sin of My creations.  I view filth encountered through weaknesses of flesh, desires.  I see corruption of the young.  I see My children headed for Hell.

I have put this child upon the earth to help Me save Souls.  I expect thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands to listen to the Words spoken through her by Me and My Beloved Saints.  I, your Father, command you to listen.  I, your Father, demand your attention.  I, your Father, say to all men, ‘If I were to speak direct, it would not be more powerful than through the child.’ I use her as an instrument.  I use her for all good.  I use her to reach you through the way of man.  I use her in an ultimate way, and I say, ‘She is flesh, made by Me; her way, chosen by Me; and her love, for Me.’ Do not discredit her with your evil ways, lack of discipline, sins of the flesh.  You, too, could follow My Way.  You, too, are to follow My Way, else My Strength and My Power will exceed My Love.  Need I say more now?  So be it.”

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