ON JUNE 7, 1978


“It is difficult sometimes, to tell someone how to become a Saint, when the child standing there, pleading for answers, forgets the ground rules which are in evidence to everyone.  Those Rules are The Rules from God Himself.  Those Rules are The Commandments of Him.

Children forget that in order to gain such Grace to become a Saint, they must follow a path, perhaps not always of understanding, but a path of purity to the end.  So few children in the world examine their way of life, but when they learn how to do it, they find that there are discrepancies in their manner and mode of living.

As I speak to you from the Heavens Where I am, I say this, My children: ‘When a Miracle such as This was given to the world, It was given to guide men of all kind to a path of direction, to a direction of hope, and in a manner of human role.  All children have a Soul, a Spiritual Light of God’s, to one day return to be with Him for All Eternity.’

I speak through a human voice and I deliver to you through a human means, the Action of Light to be followed, from the Divine Light of Supernatural Means.  Such a Light is brighter than men know light to be, stronger than any sound men can hear, and swifter than any man can determine.

Submission to The Father’s Will is a delicate acceptance of Divine Will.  I hold the child tightly, for as I speak to you I must leave with you the Words you must remember.

Birth in the human form has many responsibilities attached to it.  It has Goal, it has Reason, it has Purpose, it has Distinction, it has Beauty.

I show the child a Vision.”

There is a frame around Our Lady.  She is once again in all green.  She has a breastplate on Her.  There is a design on it.  It’s, I cannot make it out.  It’s a scroll.  It has Words on it.  I can’t read the writing.  It’s — It says:

“A Prayer For The World”

“Oh Heavenly Father, teach me to know the path that will guide my Soul.  Give me the strength to do what I must, to return my Soul.”

Our Lady is moving back, out of the frame, into the rays of the sun.  The Garment is turning gold.  The armor is gone.  Our Lady’s Face has a glow.

“The whole world has been Blessed by This Great Miracle of Light.  Children have been taught the way for the Soul.  All good must come from the Direction left, and children must learn the reason for purity, what purity is, and to strive for it in everything they do.

My Garment was green, for it says ‘Life’, ‘Hope’.  My Garment is now gold.  It says ‘Divinity’.

All children must reach for the Blessing intended for the Soul.

I leave you, My children, but I am never too far away to listen to your words.  You have been given the Direction through the Teachings direct.  You are the children that must pass on to others the Light of The Beloved Joseph, throughout the world.  So be it.”

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