ON FEBRUARY 25, 1981


“Men talk about many things.  Men ask many questions about many things.  Men want the answers, but men want the answers they want to receive, comfortable for them, palatable to them, and totally understanding for them, to them.

The whole world is suffering, My daughters, from immorality.  The Heavens are fearful for men’s Souls because of the immoralities.

You must take this time to understand what you are doing, where you are going, how you are acting, and how much service you are giving to God for the good of your Soul.

The Light of the Heavens, generously given.  The Light of God’s Love, constantly given; Hope for the world, continuously.  Love for mankind is never omitted.

Be aware, My children, and be alert to the Truth that is given through the Light of God’s Love for all men in the world.  Be aware of sacrifice and penance, but be aware of the part you play in the world, and be sure that when you walk upon the earth, you do it according to His Will and His Word.

Be watchful, My daughters, of how you think.  Watch every word you say.  Be careful of the steps you take, for you do not want them to lead you astray.

Prayer is important, for through prayer you communicate.  Be aware, My children, of All The Saints, and as you are, notice, Their Company will lead you to the right place, for sometimes the decisions you will have to make, you will wonder why you made a particular decision.  You may have a Saint to thank.

Saints are throughout the world, working at The Father’s Will and Command.  Saints are everywhere you are, for They are ordered by The Father to share the Beauty of Their Way, the Light of His Hope, the Direction They understand to be the correct way.

The whole world must understand that the time in which you live now is terrible for man.  You truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and We Saints see this.  We cry for it and We try to keep you from walking astray.

I am Saint Therese of Lisieux and I say to you today: ‘It will be difficult for some to believe I could speak through a woman in the world but it is truth, for I appear in many places, in many ways.  I work constantly as I asked The Father I could.’

So remember, I bless you tonight with His Love, and I say: ‘Your Soul must come This Way.  Your Soul must respond to The Father’s Will, but you are the guardian of your Soul, you are in control of It.  It is your will, your work, your thoughts, your prayers, that reflect in your Soul, for your life with Him one day.’

You are Blessed, My daughters.  There is so much for you to do.  I love you, but I love you through His Eyes, I love you through His Ears, and I love you through His Mouth, I love you through the Words.  I love you through His Heart, I love you through His Light, I love you through His Hope, I love you through His Mercy, but be sure, I love you through His Justice which will one day address you.  So be it.”

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