ON MAY 24, 1984 AT 10:30 PM


MAY 24, 1984 AT 10:30 P.M.


“Everything I created has purpose first, and has reason behind it, within it and for it.

Mankind is capable of specific parcels and areas of My Creations, but no man is gifted with the power to know all things or to control more than I allow to be.

Through time I have chosen individual children of Mine to be recorded for specific reasons, in which I use them for ‘signs’ in which men are drawn to participate in, gain strength through, and grow in more Faith in Me, in their practice of What I have delivered through an individual, to benefit men of all races, all colors, all creeds, for the good of each man’s Soul.

Any errors that complicate, or create an aura of error to confuse My children, regarding specific ways to please Me, communicate with Me, or serve Me in so many ways, is the work of My enemy, diminishing, through the weaknesses of some people, My Demands that are meant for encouragement to reach for purity of mind, body and Soul.

As I have created All Things, and as I am The Only One Who can keep balance in All Things, I suggest, I recommend, and I command all men, women and children to not ignore The Commandments I gave, but to uphold Them in dignity, in honor, in respect, and in Faith and love, for My Will to be done above all things.”

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