ON MAY 19, 1999 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

The world that mankind lives in at this time, is a world in many ways eager to compromise important issues, even when the compromise destroys the validity of the subject matter.  There is no time, at this time, for one’s Soul to be compromised, because he or she cannot see the Soul, feel the Soul.

Logic is evident that human life, in the Design of it, the abilities it is capable of, obviously has been and always will be, created by a Superior Power.  Human life is different than all other living matter or things, because human life has a Goal, and that is to surrender the Soul at a given time to from Where It came.

Today as I speak, though My Words are strong, My Love is deep.  It is important for human beings to recognize This Gift of Divine Love, This Gift of Instruction, alerting the human minds of all of mankind to recognize that being born was not an accident, but a Gift of Divine Love above and beyond all other living creatures.

Why is it difficult for human beings to understand that within them they have a Closeness to The Creator that nothing else living exists with?  And it should never be denied that human life must practice obedience to The Commandments of The Creator.  True, as These Commandments came down through the writings and the instructions of so many, They have been made so concise, and that is why This Gift of The Father’s at ‘this time’ is of Great Importance to human beings, because of the Souls that are the recipients of all that each human being practices in every thought, word, deed, action, motive, goal.

As I speak today, though I sound harsh to some, My Words are delivered with a Love for The Divine, because in so many ways, mankind resists understanding more to what a Treasured Gift human life is and has.  The world of mankind has been Blessed through The Holy Spirit of God; His Name in the human way, ‘Saint Joseph’; in the Way of The Divine Definition, ‘Holy Spirit of The Creator’.

There is so much jealousy, even contempt surrounding This Gift of Divine Love, instructing human beings of all races, colors, creeds, on the responsibilities connected to the Gifts of being a human being.

I bless each one who reads These Words, and accepts the practicality, the logic, the reality of the Content, because it is important that mankind stop acting totally humanistic, selfish, ignoring the necessity for purity of the mind, the body, because of the Soul that he or she is the custodian of.  It is a Gift of Divine Love, Divine Purpose, Divine Revelation.  So be it.”

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