ON MAY 24, 1999 AT 1:13 PM


“I am Moses.  What I am about to say is of Great Importance to every living human being, and the Record of What I say must pass down through time, so those yet to be born must read My Words, think about Them, and understand Them because of the Importance of Them.

As The Commandments of The Creator were delivered through me at a given time, in much detail, much emphasis, I delivered Them in that way to those who heard me.  All has never been written, put into script, put into different languages, so that those of all denominations could fully understand the Magnitude of each Word spoken.

Today at this time in the lives of many millions of men, women and children, you are to understand that These Commandments delivered are for you as well as those at that time, but you must also understand the full in-depth meaning of each one.

True, granted it is easier to learn a short remedy for purity of one’s mind, one’s actions, one’s thoughts, one’s goals, but logic must attract a human mind to the Fullness, the Nature, the Reasoning, and the Purpose that These Commandments were meant to give to all generations to come:  a Foundation, a Basis for sound moral values, sound moral truths, based on the subject matter in each Commandment.  Each Commandment has a specific purpose, a specific meaning, a specific reasoning.

Today it is important that all ages reflect on their conscience, their practices morally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and use The Commandments given by The Creator for the benefit of the Souls that are to be returned to Him at a given time.

All those who openly accept the responsibility of directing, instructing, teaching, performing in the Name of The Creator, are using showmanship, and their own personal interpretations, desiring attention to their way of life, their interpretations of what is important, and most of this is based on humanism.

Today as I speak, I want All I have spoken to be brought to the attention of every age of human life, not giving them the option to accept or reject My Words, but a Firm Instruction to each of them to seek out the ‘full meaning’, ‘full definition’ of each Commandment that was delivered high on a mountain, burning with The Father’s Love for all generations to come.  So be it.”

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