ON OCTOBER 29, 1999 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

In so many areas of human life much depends upon the nationality, not on moral values, moral standards, moral views, moral actions.  Today, throughout the world, all degrees of human life greet each other in harmony, and yet oftentimes disregard the faults, the errors of those with whom they become friends.

When Any Saint Here in the Heavens speaks out, drawing attention to the fact that you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, those who read the Words do not see it that way, nor do they feel that the Statement is Sound Fact.  The world today is in much turmoil, and so little emphasis is put on sound moral values, sound moral standards, truth, honesty.

There are many men who have chosen the path of a religious vocation, who at this time are neglecting The Rules that were set down a long time ago through a man called ‘Moses’.  It is sad for Me to say that when The Commandments were handed through ‘one body’, They were not as concise in manner, in degree, as They are being learned today.  As each Commandment was given to Moses, it was in great detail, lengthy, in its full manner and meaning.  It is important that These Commandments be delivered as close to the First Delivery as possible.  That is one of the Reasons that This Gift of The Father’s Love was given to the world.

Today as I speak, I know that in many areas there are terrible abuses against the minds and the bodies of many people, because of the innate desire to desecrate what is pure.  So many individuals who practice desecration to the bodies know that they are wrong, and yet there is no way for them to be chastised or condemned, because of circumstances that are used to ignore the importance of what has occurred.

When I say ‘important’, I mean impurities, that to put into writing would be too much for some to read.  Vile actions are not easy to describe, because of what they can do to some who will read what is spoken.  We hear casual conversations on many impure actions, vile, contemptuous wording, but so rarely do We hear any outward rejection, allowing others to know that they cannot tolerate such vile contempt toward all that is pure, right, just.

It is necessary for all human beings to understand that no matter where they are, who they are with, or if they are totally alone, there is always a Presence connected to The Divine, Part of The Divine, because of the Soul that every human being is the custodian of.

I could speak hours on this subject, but mankind must begin to emphasize in his or her own actions, obedience to The Commandments that were given a long time ago.  So be it.”

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