ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1997 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

Mankind is ignoring the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and the Goal The Father has Decreed it to have.  We hear so many ordinary conversations, talking in detail on all that is occurring in the lives of so many men, women and children.

As We speak through This Miracle of Divine Love, We want mankind to understand that human life was designed for more advantages, abilities, and higher learning, than any other living matter or thing.  Along with this, the Soul in human life gives to human life a Higher Course of Direction, Potential, Ability, Reason, Purpose and Goal.  It is sad when We see men, women and even children dismiss in their actions, attitudes, performance, that human life has a Dignity, a Purpose, and a Goal that must be respected in every facet of it, cared for, because of its Goal.

Mankind uses time to make distinguishing points of understanding more about human life.  Many times there is much concentration on how mankind acted three thousand years ago.  We rarely hear mankind discuss the advantages and disadvantages of human life before the Time of Moses.  It is discussed in circles of individuals who enjoy learning, or expressing their opinions on the pre-days of this period of time.

Mankind should ask himself or herself:  Was it not a Chosen Time for many Reasons, when The Son of God was presented to the world?  This Factor, in logic, should encourage mankind to not just believe, but to rationalize that up to this point, mankind in many ways did not have the values, the standards that the Soul of every living human being needed to help the Soul return to God, a Saint.

Granted, perhaps a thousand years before the Time of Christ, the Time of Moses was of the utmost importance to all human beings.  It was a time of Structure, Instruction; a time in which mankind was deliberately shown that mankind was different than all other living things, and had a Greater Purpose.  The Father, at this time, gave to mankind not just Rules but Commands, to seek out in life the importance of morals, and to address immorality as negative to the Soul, reducing the Soul in so many ways to being a victim of the morals of the individual in which this Soul was present.  This Time in the History of mankind, mentally elevated the human mind to what a Precious Gift human life was created for.

Mankind, in the time now, has in many ways transgressed, and obviously is ignoring what a Precious Divine Gift of Love human life is, and was created for.  As We look at what is going on in the world, We see so much desecration, degradation, despicable violent rejection of obedience to God’s Commandments.  We hear mankind say: ‘We live in a modern world.  We live in a world of progress.  We live in a world where We are looking to outer space.’ Mankind has intellect and is proving it by so many great inventions, progress, that mankind never had before.  The greatest progress mankind can reach should be evident, and that progress is to become ‘a Great Saint’.

We have a sadness within Us Here, because mankind is abusing the intellects of so many great Gifts by diminishing the Most Important Part of human life that is to return to God, the Soul.  All the progress in the world has no comparison to this Great Gift of Divine Love.

The Father has given to mankind This Miracle of His Divine Love.  It is called ‘a Miracle’ because It bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of God Who, as man, walked the earth as ‘Saint Joseph’.  Logic should tell mankind no real lineage was found for This Individual.

All of Us Saints in Heaven want to shout simultaneously: ‘Wake up, mankind, your Soul must return to The Father from Where It came!’  So be it.”

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