ON NOVEMBER 12, 1997 AT 3:14 PM


“I am Saint Gerard.  I have rarely announced My Name when I spoke through This Gift of The Father’s Love that, in so many ways, is more than directing mankind to see the privilege it is to be man.  It is also giving many details on the advantages of human life over all other living matter.

Mankind enjoys to see things grow.  There is an inward happiness in the sight of it, in the results of it.  Also, when a plant blooms in a manner of color, giving beauty to a place, it also illuminates the spirit of many individuals who see it, in its manner of adding to the atmosphere a living thing, a living item.

Today as I speak, I speak with an intense Love for mankind, and a Sensitivity to all that every living human being encounters in many areas of daily living.  The world has reached many degrees of progress, inventions, and of course, these are unlimited mechanically, usefully, and bring much advantage monetarily, or helping individuals work in different areas of life, more advantageous, easier, and definitely more profitable.

You live in a time of progress, but you also live in a time that has many areas in which humanism is uppermost in the minds of all ages.  Oh, We do hear some loud acclaims regarding man’s understanding that God Exists, but many times, after great attention to This Point in life, individuals perform exactly opposite of what their so-called ‘understanding in God’ should automatically make them:  purer in mind, in words, actions, activities, and moral values and standards.

The Father has given to the world a voice, and this voice is told What to speak, What to say.  It is all done in a very quiet manner, and most times only a small group is gathered.  The Words are written, and then They are passed on to hundreds, hopefully thousands, who were not able to be present.  As These Words pass to a few individuals, They come through the Power of The Father’s Love for mankind, His Will for mankind, instructing mankind to more fully understand that human life has a Purpose beyond any other living matter, because human life was gifted with a Portion of The Father, called ‘the Soul’.

We hear many say, ‘What is a Soul?’ This, of course, is a natural question, because It cannot be seen, but logic in the human mind should tell mankind that mankind has an innate knowledge of what is pure over what is impure, what is right over what is wrong, what is sound over what is not sound, or unsound, if you wish.

The Value of This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is Limitless in Instruction and Power, and It must pass throughout the world so that no human being is cheated by not being able to read the Words, the Content, the Instruction, the Direction, the Hope, and the Goal for which human life was created.

A Blessing goes with Every Message The Father Decrees to be given, a Blessing for the benefit of the Soul, but also for the individual to more fully understand what a Treasured Gift human life is to man.  So be it.”

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