ON DECEMBER 1, 1997 AT 1:47 PM


“I am Saint Frances Cabrini.  It is truly a privilege for The Father to allow Me to speak through This Gift of His Divine Love, directed to mankind for the benefit of their Souls.

Many times when We hear men, women and children think about Spiritual aspects of life, they do not always understand that these are important subjects for their whole being:  their mental, their moral, and their physical.

Prayer to some is a fleeting moment without too much understanding of the privilege it is, the importance it is to their whole being.  We hear so many say prayers that they have learned, without any thought of what they are saying.  They are saying the prayer, using it as a means of something they memorize, not truly seeing the importance of it, or the real meaning that this prayer is a communication between themselves and the One to Whom they are praying.

It is sad when We listen to individuals speak on their thoughts of to what degree they believe human life was created for; also, when they speak, We see a true absence of how they do not fully understand that they, as an individual, have a Connecting Link, invisible, but this Link through their Soul is a Link to The Creator of All Things.

There are so many throughout the world who feel qualified to speak for God, in His Name, declaring that what they are saying He is passing through them direct to those close, those at hand, those who will read the words, to understand that they are a channel of communication for Him.

The world is in so many ways misunderstanding so much about spirituality, Spiritual progress, Spiritual association, because there is so much humanism, declaring that they have the power to heal, to instruct, thus automatically eliminating The Creator, giving themselves credit on all they imagine they have the power to do themselves.

Let us go back to the Time of Moses.  He was a teacher, he was ‘an instrument’ of The Father’s.  He was chosen to deliver to the whole world for all time, The Rules that mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, were to use to follow, and never abandon, because They were the Stable Foundation for men of all races, all colors, all creeds, to use, basing all things on moral values, moral standards, and to be upheld because of the purity that was needed for the Soul.

When God created mankind, He instilled in each conception a Portion of Himself, so that mankind could never be separated from Him, and that this Gift of His Divine Love would innately instill moral values, moral standards, alerting mankind that as He gave a free will, He also backed this free will with His Divine Love, because there was an enemy that would, in many ways, tempt individuals of all races, all colors, all creeds, to ignore the Importance of the Soul, and submit to what was diabolical, what was impure.

The Father’s Love for mankind has given to the world a Miracle of Ultimate Purpose, Design, Goal, and This Gift of His Divine Love bears the Name of His Holy Spirit, using a human source, a human identification, for mankind to be able to associate with, feel comfortable with, and yet know that the Purity of this Individual Closeness to The Divine, was to give mankind a feeling of comfort in being able to speak to something, someone that they could relate to, and not just search for a figment of their imagination that they had no connection to.

Think about this:  When a human being speaks and they are alone, there is a sadness to this, because there is no one listening, no communication.  That is why it is so important that This Miracle that you now have in the world, is instructing mankind of the closeness man has to God, and can relate to the Importance of The Holy Family, because you still have This Family to communicate with, and know that what you feel, what you think, what you fear, you are heard, and you can receive Help immediately, because your Soul is the Connecting Link that never leaves you.  It is given to you at the moment of conception until the time comes for It to return to from Where It came, representing you by name.  So be it.”

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